Birgitte Philippides


Birgitte is a beauty expert, model and social-commentary painter. Through various mediums, she helps women empower themselves in three areas of their lives: beauty, body image and relationships.  


Beauty Expert

As a beauty expert,  Birgitte has worked for over the past two decades with some of the most influential people in the world: Beyonce, President, Bill Clinton, Susan SarandonMick Jagger, Anna WintourRichard Gere  P. Diddy, Natalie PortmanHugh JackmanJerry Seinfeld, Glenn Close, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, Tiger Woods, Mary J. Blige and Mayors, Rudolph Giuliani and Bill De Blasio, among others. Her list of clients are a virtual who's who in the world of music, entertainment, fashion, politics, publishing, sports and business. 



Photo credit: Mark Seliger

Social-Commentary Artist

Birgitte's work as a NYC-based social-commentary painter has spanned over two decades. In her paintings, Birgitte dares to tell the truth about the struggles of living in society as a woman in a humorous and cartoon-like manner; giving new and entertaining insights into the female perspective on society. Some of her favorite topics to illustrate are: body image issues, eating disorders, relationship struggles, low self-esteem and being a career woman in society. Her simple, child-like depictions are conceived in a variety of mediums: oil, acrylic, pencil, nail polish and mixed media.


Birgitte is also a glamorous and eccentric New Yorker having modeled for some of the world's finest photographers.  Her modeling work has spanned 20 years and her image has appeared in international museums, galleries, books and magazines. Through Birgitte's modeling work, she has been able to transform herself and set a new example for women about their bodies, beauty, confidence, relationships, sexuality and self-expression.


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